Innovative patient laser positioning systems for radiation therapy

TelTechnical service :

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Do you need help choosing the patient positioning laser configuration that makes sense with your workflow? How can our laser calibration phantoms work for you? Please contact us to get more details on these patient alignment systems or on how can we help you develop a customized laser positioning system, with extra crosshair lasers, lines, customized supports. We want to hear about your project!

Doble diode technology is our standard patient positioning laser configuration, so you can have the flexibility you need in your bunker with our patient alignement systems, but we can do all configurations possible!

Does your current laser have stability issues? Talk to us to replace one single laser in your room, we will design the custom support for your bunker or CT lasers so you can forget about them.



CYRPA's laser patient positioning solutions are compatible with linear accelerators from Varian, Elekta, Cyberknife or any other brands. 
CYRPA's laser patient marking lasers are compatible with CT scanners from Philips, Siemens, GE, Toshiba and other brands. Ask us for more details to get a personalized laser positioning solution for your bunker or CT room!